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NFL fans who get kicked out of stadiums must attend an online fan conduct course to get back in

This is all over Twitter today: pro football fans who have been ejected from stadiums will have to take a 4-hour online course before they can attend another game.

Ari Novick, the psychotherapist/educator quoted in ESPN’s story, designed the course. His company seems to specialize in anger management training. Here’s the link to the group’s fan conduct class. Pricing varies by stadium and on cursory inspection maps to regional cost of living differences, with Atlanta’s course priced at $50 and Oakland’s at $75.

I wonder if the course shares aspects of required driving courses, especially those that cover road rage, like Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving (.pdf).

I didn’t dig deep enough to learn why all the coverage of it today; the course has been around for a while.

Fun infographic from Pepperdine

Here’s an engaging way for prospective marketing execs to take in their chosen field—preparation, challenges, income potential, the whole issue in one big graphic.

Via: Pepperdine University

Maddow takes down for-profit universities

Rachel Maddow tonight eviscerated for-profit schools, singling out Full Sail University, especially in relation to military vets and student loans. A Full Sail exec is co-chair of Mitt Romney’s Florida fundraising effort, she mentioned, citing a New York Times article from January of this year.