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Google tutorials excel at doing what they are supposed to do

I’m so shallow sometimes—too apt to be wooed by a slick interface. When I first began to study DFP (the Doubleclick for Publishers ad server) for work, I turned up my nose at the plain jane Academy pages. Likewise, but not as intensely, I sniffed at the step-by-step how-to collections.

You know what though? The tutorials almost always explain things in a really clear and understandable way, and anticipate my questions. They don’t need to wow you, or try to make the learner want to learn—a mission so many online courses try to tackle. If you just want to learn something, and you know you must, what more can you ask for than a simple clear path to the knowledge?

I need to get myself some perspective. It’s a little like the day when the aging single guy stops shopping for a supermodel and “settles” for the merely brilliant and kind woman.

Presenter and Udemy: Match made in heaven

The combination of features in the newest version of Adobe Presenter looks like it would be ideal for instructors making courses for outfits like Udemy.

The new Captivate looks good—so does VideoStudio X5 for screen capturing

The newest version of Captivate is optimized for mobile, including IOS devices that don’t like Flash. Poor old Flash, but Adobe is adapting with its authoring tools.

I’ve liked Captivate for a long time, since the early 2000s when it was RoboHelp and primarily a tech demo tool. I used it to learn about SCORM and was pleased how simple it turned out to be to port a course into Moodle.

Speaking of screen capture tools, I bought Corel’s VideoStudio Pro X5 last month. I’ve only just begun to play around with the screen cap capabilities, but I think I am going to like it.

So does my cat:


It’s Digital Learning Day

Digital Learning DayThe Alliance for Excellent Education is holding a Digital Learning Day Feb. 6.

Planned activities include a town hall at 1 p.m. Eastern and chat sessions throughout the day with K-12 teachers and learning specialists, plus education reporters and others.

Update: Watch the archived town hall.

The date for next year’s event is Feb. 5, 2014.

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