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Free online course on gamification: I’m loving this!

I just started the free Gamification online course, offered by Coursera and taught by Kevin Werbach, assistant prof at the Wharton School, UPenn.

It’s nicely done. Werbach packs a lot of meat into each minute of the video lectures. I like the Coursera interface and organization.

It meets an acid test, too: it’s holding my interest. Here’s proof. I realized early this morning I’d forgotten I signed up for the class.  Because I want to be (fairly) serious about it, I’m planning to do the assignments, and logging in for the first time, I see that last week’s section assignment is due today. I sigh. “OK,” I say to myself. “I’ll just watch the first 10-minute intro lecture—that’s all I’ll commit to before Up W/Chris comes on this morning.” Lo and behold, he got me hooked and I’ve watched three additional lectures before 6 a.m.