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Google tutorials excel at doing what they are supposed to do

I’m so shallow sometimes—too apt to be wooed by a slick interface. When I first began to study DFP (the Doubleclick for Publishers ad server) for work, I turned up my nose at the plain jane Academy pages. Likewise, but not as intensely, I sniffed at the step-by-step how-to collections.

You know what though? The tutorials almost always explain things in a really clear and understandable way, and anticipate my questions. They don’t need to wow you, or try to make the learner want to learn—a mission so many online courses try to tackle. If you just want to learn something, and you know you must, what more can you ask for than a simple clear path to the knowledge?

I need to get myself some perspective. It’s a little like the day when the aging single guy stops shopping for a supermodel and “settles” for the merely brilliant and kind woman.