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National Safety Council

Itasca, IL: Online Content Manager, Publications Department (July 2006 - present); Ecommerce Developer, Marketing Department (April 2001 - July 2006)

  • Lead the online content authoring process for two magazines and several newsletters. Like many organizations, the council has done battle with several different content management solutions -- from Cold Fusion to Sharepoint to open source alternatives. Safety+Health, the primary monthly magazine, is published on a new system launched July 1, 2013. My role has been to take on the toughest authoring challenges myself, to devise processes for easy maintenance and automation by editorial and production staff, to document processes and train staff, and to create strategic workarounds when we must have something the CMS will not be persuaded to do.

  • Vendor selection and relationship management: Managed RFP, build, migration and relaunch processes for a new magazine site. Testimonial: "Without Amy, I simply don’t know how this site would have been possible."

  • Work with editorial staff on social media. I get social in a fundamental way. I've been a Twitter user since 2007, and, hard to believe, I know, but I've been leading online discussion since the late 1980s.

  • I launched into autodidact mode to understand ad serving and the DFP for Publishers system for the new Safety+Health website. Advise ad sales and the publisher on delivering the best possible value to online advertisers.

  • Plan strategy and produce HTML email, sometimes integrated with the content management system, for outreach to council publications constituencies: readers, advertisers and textbook purchase influencers.

  • Experiment with Kindle book authoring, publishing one so far. Learned the ePub format and handled the Amazon conversion and upload. Produced book supplements on CD featuring menu-driven access to supplemental documents.

  • The elearning vendor selected by a team I served on chose Intralearn as its LMS platform. I coordinated with the creative vendor and with the council's IT department to serve the SCORM-compliant Flash course and enable ecommerce transactions for an insurance company-sponsored driving course.

  • Managed custom Cold Fusion shopping cart.

  • To help solve an epidemic of falls on the stairwells, I proposed and arranged for the painting of some big reminders to use the handrails.

Chicago: Senior Account Manager and Business Operations Director (November 1999 - December 2000)

  • Managed three account teams for an online community consulting firm during the dotcom boom. Supervised staff chat room and forum moderators, staged live celebrity chat events, and planned community strategy for AT&T Worldnet, Columbia Tristar Interactive, an ecommerce partner of Ace Hardware, and a language learning site.

Indiana University Alumni Association

Bloomington, IN: Wed Editor (March 1998 - November 1999)

  • As webmaster for a public university alumni site serving 400,000+ living alumni, I served as CGI/Perl programmer, writer, designer and idea person. Credited with making the site more interactive, more homey and revisitable. Managed community tools including message boards and listservs.


Olympia Fields, IL: Director of Public Relations, April 1989 - January 1990; Assistant Director of Public Relations, April 1988 - April 1989; Senior Copywriter, February 1988 - April 1988

  • Served as group manager for client public relations function of a national franchise consulting firm, and handled publicity for the consulting firm itself. Clients included PIP Printing, 1100-unit printing chain, and Truckstops of America, a division of British Petroleum. Succeeded in positioning Francorp as the nation's leading expert on franchising through regular mentions in The Wall Street Journal and all of the major business publications.

Ketchum/Bohle Public Relations

Los Angeles CA: September 1985 - January 1987, Senior Account Executive; January 1987 - January 1988, Account Supervisor

  • Worked on national accounts includingthe 100-city promotion of the Kodak Liberty Ride Festival and the Waterbed Manufacturers Association, handling crisis media relations and successful positioning of the waterbed as health aid

    Much earlier freelance work for Ketchum (1978) is now a claim to infamy -- arranged a press conference for O.J. Simpson at the start of his spokemanship for TreeSweet orange juice!

WBWB Radio

Bloomington, IN: Account Executive, January 1983 - August 1985

  • Advertising sales position for a promotion-oriented radio station in a college market. Handled both agency and local accounts. It's not easy to work on straight commission -- tends to bring out the tiger in you. This turned out to be excellent grounding in understanding online banner advertising much later on. Web ads, with the possibility of dayparting and regional targeting, is so much more like broadcast than it is like print.

Franklin College

Franklin, IN: Director of Publications and Media Relations, December 1980 - January 1983

  • Reported to the college president and served as ex-officio member of the institution's executive committee. Media relations responsibility, including TV and feature placement, preparation of 200 news releases each year, supervision of the sports information and photo lab functions. Publications writing, design and production. Advertising strategy, concept, copy production and placement. Supervised staff, administered department budget and purchased printing for the entire organization.

St. Louis Public Schools

St. Louis, MO: Communications Specialist, February 1979 - October 1980; Assistant Community Involvement Coordinator, October 1977 - February 1979

  • Crisis media relations during court-ordered desegregation and an 8-week teachers strike. Production of a local Emmy Award-winning series of public service announcements. Brochure writing and production. Art direction for a 100,000 circulation monthly tabloid.

National Bank of Detroit

Detroit, MI: Assistant Special Events Coordinator, August 1974 - March 1977


Web hobbies since 1995, freelance writing and research before the web.

  • I like to bring my sense of whimsy when it's appropriate, and it definitely was in line with the spirit of, the Jane Austen discussion site I founded in 1996. Myretta Robens manages the site now, and has since 2000. Watch a short explainer about a unique feature I came up with -- Frequently Used Phrases, emoticons consisting of text rather than symbols. Some of the most popular FUPs are offered as products to help support the site.

  • I made almost 100 episodes of a literature quiz when podcasting was young in 2005-2006. It was fun. I read a passage from a novel and listeners weighed in with their answers in email and on a message board. Today I'd do it on Twitter where you'd know by the timestamps whether players cheated by Googling the answers.

  • Enjoy slicing and dicing data -- experimenting with making various ways to consume information, like this resume site. Do you like it?

  • Authored an ebook for O'Reilly Media on the Outline Processor Markup Language (OPML), 2006. Earlier tech writing: marketing materials and a survey how-to book for SPSS.

  • Telecommuting survey and report for Home Office Computing, survey research for the Illinois Tollway and Exposures, a mail order catalog. Feature articles for radio station management trade magazines.

  • I think the connections among my neural pathways that govern the linking of disparate but oddly obvious notions may be extra rich. As you age your memory slips, that's inevitable, and you discover ways to compensate. But it's satisfying to realize that you never lose certain important natural gifts, the traits that make you, you.

  • Built an online citation generator for expressing indignation online.

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